Development of the Use of Stainless Steel in Construction

This paper by B Burgan et al. was published by the European Commision. It is a research report that provides details of tests on stainless steel materials, members and connections that were carried out to develop a basis of design for a range of grades. These design rules were incorporated into Eurocode 3 EN1993 Part 1.4 (Structural design of stainless steel) and Part 1.2 (Structural fire design). The project concentrated on the most commonly used austenitic stainless steels grades EN 1.4301 and 1.4401, the duplex grade EN 1.4462 and a small number of tests on ferritic grades. The tests were performed on: Beams and Columns (I-section and CHS), Welded and bolted connections, Material and member behaviour at elevated temperatures (fire resistance) and fatigue behaviour.

2001 / 2004