Stainless Steel in Construction: A Review of Research, Applications, Challenges and Opportunities

This paper by N R Baddoo was published in the Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Volume 64 Issue 11, November 2008. It reviews the research activities over the last 20 years that have impacted the use of stainless steel in construction. These include: The development of weldable duplexes, which have excellent mechanical properties and improvements in surface finishes, which allows for further architectural applications. The development of national and international specifications, codes and standards covering the design, fabrication and erection processes is discussed. New opportunities for stainless steels that are arising from the increasing issue of sustainability are discussed, for example in nuclear, solar and biofuel power generation, sustainable building envelopes and flooring systems. It is concluded that the shift towards sustainability is making the high initial cost of stainless steel much more acceptable.