Stainless Steel in Structures (Proceedings from the Second Experts Seminar, 2003)

This resource is a publication containing 13 papers on recent research and development work in the field of structural stainless steel. The papers describe a range of experimental and numerical investigations into the structural behaviour of stainless steel with particular emphasis on cold worked grades. The papers are:
- Local buckling of cold-formed stainless steel sections
- Design of welded connections of cold-worked stainless steel RHS members
- Buckling reduction factors for stainless steel shell structures
- Isothermal material tests of cold worked stainless steel
- Tests of cold-formed stainless steel tubular columns
- R and D work and current practise for stainless steel structural design in Italy
- Research on light-weight stainless steel structures in Japan
- GBT-based local and global buckling analysis of C-section and RHS stainless steel columns
- Structural design in hot-rolled 3CR12 section
- Experimental and numerical investigation on shear response of stainless steel plated girders
- Stainless steel girders - Resistance to concentrated loads and shear
- Stainless steel - Plasticity and constitutive modeling
- Recent stainless steel research in the UK - An improved method for structural design and numerical modeling
- A comparison of structural stainless steel design standards