Which Stainless Steel should be Specified for Exterior Applications?

This resource is a brochure which provides guidelines for evaluating a project to determine which stainless steel grade, surface finish and design are most suitable to resist corrosion. Corrosion damage is unlikely to impact the metal structurally but bad specification can lead to staining which may be regarded as aesthetically unacceptable for the structure. The ‘Site and Design Evaluation System’ is divided into 5 sections:  ‘Environment’ discusses pollution levels, ‘Salt exposure’ discusses  the distance to coastal or trafficked areas, ‘Weather’ discusses the local climate, ‘Design’ discusses the element orientation, crevices and surface finish and ‘Maintenance’ discusses the cleaning schedule. Each section describes where the relevant information can be found and what specification is suitable to resist the different levels of corrosion attack. This brochure works with the IMOA software found in the resource ‘Stainless Steel Grade Selection Software’ which implements this selection criteria to produce a grade and surface finish by considering all 5 sections.