Stainless Steel in Fire

This resource summarises test data from an extensive range of fire tests on stainless steels. The resource is divided into distinct work packages that were undertaken by various organisations. These packages are: Fire resistant structures and products (analyzing temperature development in various arrangements of stainless steel elements with FE), Composite members in fire (tests on unreinforced and reinforced concrete inside EN grade 1.4401 RHS stainless steel section), Class 4 cross sections in fire (tests on loaded RHS columns), Bolts and welds at elevated temperatures (isothermal tests on butt welded joints and bolt assemblies in shear and tension), Parametric fire design (numerical studies on stainless steel as external columns and as columns in open car parks subject to realistic fire loads) and Design aids and software (A set of generic strength retention curves are developed and online software for predicting the fire resistance design of cold formed stainless steel structural members). All these packages are summarised and design guidance based on the findings is presented.